John Carlson is a senior vice president and portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments whose background reflects his interests in economics and science. He may be the only Fidelity employee with an anemometer on his home balcony. Before joining the investment industry, he spent seven years at MIT studying meteorology. Ed Lorenz was his biggest influence.

Carlson funded the Lorenz Center’s annual outreach lecture, which communicates exciting new results in climate science to the general public. Carlson was motivated by the opportunity to support high-risk, curiosity-driven science, especially with the current uncertainty around federal funding. Most importantly, he wanted to honor a professor whose extraordinary intelligence, quiet, understated charm, and personal integrity inspired a generation of meteorologists. “My support of the Lorenz Center is really all about Ed Lorenz, the way he conducted himself in every aspect of his life, and the influence he had on me as a graduate student,” says Carlson.